The Realists is an innovative documentary project (currently in production) exploring the dark side of our digital economy. The aim of The Realists is to shed light on surveillance capitalism, microtargeting, and the weaponization of data… encouraging people to use technology in a mindful way – and not be used by it.

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The Realists: A documentary about surveillance capitalism and how to resist it

The Film

The documentary THE REALISTS (currently in production) will take viewers on a journey across four continents, exposing the dark side of our digital economy and the erosion of our privacy.

On the flip side, THE REALISTS will also showcase stories of inspiring individuals and organizations that are empowering citizens to recognize and resist surveillance capitalism.

a still from "The Realists" featuring work by artist Antoine Geiger

The Blog

Since the early days of research for The Realists, filmmaker E. Rossini has been writing articles on topics covered in the film – as well as step-by-step guides that help people protect their privacy online.

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