an innovative web series,

educational platform,

and feature-length documentary


exploring how technology and social media are impacting people’s well-being – and advocating for a mindful use of those new tools.

The follow-up to the critically acclaimed documentary THE ILLUSIONISTS (2016), THE REALISTS will break new grounds, introducing a new kind of immersive filmmaking: viewers will follow the creation of the documentary every step of the way: from the research stage, through production and filming, and ultimately culminating in the release of a feature-length documentary.

To keep with the spirit of non-obtrusive technology, the content of THE REALISTS will land in the inbox of its followers once a week – every Wednesday morning at 9:00am EST – via a newsletter. The project won’t have any social media accounts. This approach will allow audience members to discover new content effortlessly, when they have time, without the fear of missing out.

A Feature-Length Documentary

THE REALISTS is a documentary in the making about the effects of technology and social media on people’s self-esteem and self-image. The film is the sequel to the critically acclaimed documentary THE ILLUSIONISTS (2016).

A Web Series

Have you ever wanted to follow the production and post-production of a documentary? THE REALISTS will allow readers to follow along the making of the documentary, with the release of interview excerpts, original short films made for the web, and photos and video clips showing the making of the film.

An Interactive, Educational Platform

The official website of THE REALISTS will feature articles, videos, book recommendations, challenges and pragmatic advice on how to balance our digital lives.


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